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WebCalcs® Software for Companies

"We invented web-based financial planning." - Web Products Since 1994

For Financial Services Companies: If your company needs Internet-based financial planning software, then consider our comprehensive and simple to use WebCalcs® software. We brand it to match your website. We host it. We maintain it. You just link to it.

Advantages: Total Visual Customization. Accurate. Maximum browser compatibility (no Java). Attention to Compliance. Up-to-date to Tax Laws. Scaleable to thousands of users. Proven solution already deployed by Fortune 500 financial services companies.

Great for Websites of: Mutual Funds, Banks, Insurance Companies, TPAs, 401k Recordkeepers, Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, CPAs, Attorneys, Estate Planners, and any other financial related web sites.

Some of our clients: AXA-Equitable, JANUS, MFS, Pacific Life, CAPTRUST Financial Advisors, Sentry Insurance, The Hartford, and Raymond James.

Pricing: Depends on customization, number of tools, usage, size of the firm. Pricing plans for the smallest one man advisor shop up to Fortune 500 financial companies. Please call us for a free consultation to fit your needs.

It's so Easy: Fast deployment. Branded by Torrid to match your website and navigation. All legal and tax compliance edits included. We host it. We maintain it. You just link to it. It's that simple. Leave it to the experts and we'll get it done for you.

Custom and semi-custom systems are also available at reasonable prices.

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"We needed a solution fast and couldn't wait for our IT department to design it. Torrid was great. They analyzed our needs and implemented a fully branded solution in less than a week. It met compliance review. It works with all browsers. We're really happy with their WebCalcs® solution."
- Insurance Company Client

Available Tools: We offer web-based financial planning systems that cover a whole range of financial planning topics. Our systems can be simple calculators or complex financial illustrations. Reports can be simple or elaborate. We offer low-cost simple versions, as well as higher cost custom versions. Our WebCalcs® software includes systems for:

- retirement savings and income
- Pre-59½ 72t Calculations (avoiding penalty tax)
- college savings and 529 plan illustrations
- college cost and tuition data
- Coverdell education savings
- risk profile questionnaires and quizes
- model portfolio illustrations
- asset allocation and portfolio optimization
- portfolio management and value tracking
- 401(k) retirement savings
- Cost of waiting to save
- Effect of Taxes and Inflation
- Estate Tax Estimator
- Finding Money for your savings goals
- Health Savings Account (HSA) illustrations
- Historical Hypothetical Portfolio Performance
- Impact of Inflation
- Life Insurance Needs Analysis
- IRA Eligibility (all types of IRAs)
- IRA Savings and Goal Analysis
- IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
- IRA to Roth Conversion
- Long Term Care Insurance
- Lumpsum Distributions vs. Rollover Distributions
- Model Portfolio Creation and Comparisons
- Mortgage Amortization
- Net Unrealized Appreciation of Employer Stock
- Net Worth Estimator
- New Value Calculator
- Pension/Defined Benefit Income estimates
- Portfolio Allocation Rebalancing
- Portfolio Optimization and "Advice"
- Portfolio Return Calculations
- Paycheck Tax Savings
- Required Minimum Distribution calculations
- Retirement Budget and Expense Planning
- Retirement Income Analyzer
- Retirement Savings Estimator
- Risk Tolerance Profile
- Roth 401k
- Roth Conversion
- Roth v. IRA illustrations
- Short Term Savings goals
- Social Security benefit estimates
- Stretch IRA / Legacy IRA illustrations
- Tax Free Yield calculations

Looking for something not listed? Would you like to discuss your needs or a specific project? Please call us so we can learn more about your business and what you want to accomplish. We can then better make a recommendation of whether we might be able to help you reach your business goals. Please call us for a free consultation.


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